FSC® XXL Cedar Wood BBQ Plank

FSC® XXL Cedar Wood BBQ Plank

Our Cedar Wood grillboard is made of premium Canadian Western Red Wood. The cedar wood has a high concentration of natural oils. Indirect, gentle grilling on the cedar wood board promotes a delicate, sweet-spicy smoke aroma and a juicy taste.

Our high-quality plank is suitable for any kind of grill, such as gas smoker, coal and electric grill or kettle grill!

Mildly-Smoked aroma and juicy taste with indirect grilling

It's perfect for any kind of barbecue! Whether you love juicy grilled cheese, smoked tofu or crunchy fresh vegetables, the possibilities are endless! The delicious aroma can be intensified by placing the grill board in gin, beer, whisky or wine.

Easy preparation and cleaning for multiple use

For a delicious meal, place the board in water for at least 4 hours (or overnight). If desired, add alcohol for a special aroma. Preheat the grill to 120°C-180°C, heat the grill board for about 5 minutes - afterwards the food can already be placed on the grill.

To clean, simply wash with hot water and brush - for multiple use! Our stylish barbecue plank is also a great gift or souvenir for every party!